How do I join Ebookadabra and get access to hundreds of great books?

Download our app from the Apple App Store and on first loading it you will be guided through the joining process within the app.

What devices can I use to access Ebookadabra?

Ebookadabra works on iOS (Apple) iPad and iPhone using software versions 8 and later, and also on Android devices using Android software versions 5 and later.

You will be able to use your family account across all these devices simultaneously. However Ebookadabra is designed for kids to read on tablets and for their parents to message with them using a smart phone.

You may experience some issues with older devices and we recommend using devices that are no more than three years old.

Can I try it before I decide to buy?

Of course!

When you download the app and join us the first 14 days are free. There is no requirement that you make an in app purchase. We ask that you subscribe at the end of 14 days to continue to enjoy Ebookadabra.

How much does a subscription cost?

​Ebookadabra is free for the first 14 days and thereafter ​costs £2.99 per month.

From time to time we run sales campaigns and you should check the pricing on our website and in the App Store to benefit from these offers. 

How do I cancel my Ebookadabra subscription?

We would be sorry to see you go but if you want to cancel your subscription go to your account in the App Store or Google Play and under the section marked subscriptions turn off automatic renewal.

Do I need to be online to access Ebookadabra?

When you choose a new book to read from the Ebookadabra library it is downloaded from the cloud over the internet to your device and you need to be online to do this.

However once a book is downloaded you can save it in your personal library for reading off-line at any time. In this way you can select up to fifteen books per user profile​ to be saved on your device for reading off-line. This is great if you know you are going to be without an internet connection for a while, for example when you go on a family trip.

Most of our game features work off-line but may require to be synchronized from time to time.

Our messaging feature can be used off-line but messages will only be sent and received when a device connects to the internet as with any connected device.

Can more than one child from the same family access Ebookadabra?

Yes. Ebookadabra is designed to be used by all the family – brothers, sisters, parents and even 'invited guests' such as uncles and aunts. Each user selects an 'avatar' which identifies their user profile. This way each member of the family enjoys a personal experience when using Ebookadabra. Parents can see a record of their children’s activity and children can create a personal environment where they keep their books and rewards.

Family profiles are synchronized across all devices used to access the family account when they are on-line. The number of profiles is limited to four plus parents.

Guests that you invite to join you in Ebookadabra do not count towards the profile number limit.

Can I use more than one device to access Ebookdabra?

Yes. Once you have signed up and have your user name and password you can access your account on any iOS (Apple) or Android device.

There is no limit on the number of devices you may use to access Ebookadabra.

How do I know my child isn’t just going to play games on Ebookadabra?

Our games have been built to be fun but also to develop literacy skills. Most important, games are only ‘unlocked’ as a reward for reading achievement and only remain ‘open’ for so long as a child has a reserve of ‘reading energy’ – a currency earned by reading books.

The parent dashboard shows a report of each child’s activity on Ebookadabra so you can see for yourself how a child has spent their time.

How do I invite a guest to Ebookadabra and what can they do?

A parent can invite an adult to be a ‘guest’ member of their Ebookadabra account and to join their ‘family circle’. A guest has limited access to the platform that enables them only to send and receive images and audio messages with a specified child and to create audio recordings of the child’s favourite books. In this way grandpa can see what books his granddaughter has read recently and can send her an audio message of congratulation when she completes a book or activity.

No one can become a guest without your express permission.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? First check the tutorial in the application and if you still have issues feel free to contact us.