Message safe

Ebookadabra is a great place for kids to enjoy sending messages to members of their family and to invited guests. Parents can also share their reviews of books with other Ebookadabra members.

Learning to communicate responsibly on-line is an important skill for children to learn and this note explains how we support that goal.

Ebookadabra is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program and has received the kidSAFE 'certified' badge which confirms that it is appropriate for use by children.

Although all text that can be seen by other members is automatically reviewed for 'bad language' we can't catch everything and we would appreciate it if you would consider others users when you post anything. All members can notify us of any book review that they think is inappropriate and we will consider those complaints on a case by case basis.

Messages sent between family members and their guests are private and can be seen only by you. What messages are sent between you and your children is up to you and, as parents ourselves, we're sure you will guide your children how to message appropriately. However, please ensure that your guests are also responsible adults like you and consider that you are allowing them to message with your children when you invite them to Ebookadabra.

We are required to say that if a subscriber family is subject to repeat complaints by other members in relation to their public reviews of books we reserve the right under our Terms & conditions to terminate their membership.

Messaging and sharing is fun but please message safe!